Lessons, Fittings and More!


We offer lessons on several of the surrounding private and public courses; Duncan Golf Management. For Winter months, or really hot Summer days, lessons take place at our indoor facility. Learn more about the services we offer below!

On-Course Instruction

Without question, this service has the greatest impact on the golfer’s game. During this lesson, the golfer will receive situational training that will allow them to make better decisions on the golf course and in tournament play.

While sound technique is important, it is all for nothing if the technique cannot be effectively applied on the golf course during play. Increasing situational awareness and raising the golf IQ is a secret to quickly improving scores and gaining consistency on the golf course. Without this vital component, it is difficult for a golfer to consistently shoot the scores they desire.

Junior Golf Academy

TGI has a vast array of clients ranging from weekend warriors to professional clients playing on world wide tours ,and of course our speciality Jr Golfers. Finding the right events to play in along with the scheduling aspects can be daunting task, but TGI has the inside scoop on all the tours and can help you navigate this process with confidence. This is just another perk of being with TGI and having this part handled by coaches with experience makes it easy.

Private Lessons

One on one private instruction is crucial in increasing the rate of speed in which a player excels. A private lesson includes video analysis, practice techniques, and conceptual understanding of the issues the golfer is trying to master. As a full service indoor/outdoor golf institute we offer a wide range of lessons to fit any golfer’s schedule.

Year-Round Indoor Instruction

We pride ourselves on being in tune with the latest in technology so that we can provide the most accurate feedback to the golfer. Although using cameras can be helpful, having the ability to look deeper inside what is going on can lead us to solutions twice as fast. The 3-D golf experience that TGI offers is unmatched anywhere in the surrounding area. We can essentially capture the body, club, and ball in total clarity. With 3-D we can look deeper inside your motion and help you understand where things are off track and provide data to help you make corrections. Come give this technology a try and see the value it can have for your game!

Fitting, Building & Repairs

Properly fit equipment is a must have for any player looking to perform at their highest level. Trevino Golf Institute has a full service club building workshop at our indoor facility to conduct any building or repair necessary.

We carry many of the best products on the market including TaylorMade, UST Mamiya shafts, KBS shafts, ACCRA shafts, IOMIC, Adams Golf, and much more. Contact us for any fitting or repair needs.


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