Lessons, Fittings and More!


To provide the services below, we utilize our own indoor facility year-round, as well as all of the Duncan Golf Management courses (mainly Wolf Run, Lakeridge, and Toiyabe). Learn more about the services we offer below!

Long Term Improvement

True advancement in the game of golf is a tall order. The average golfer who has decided to make long-term improvements in their game is tasked with increasing their golf IQ, developing their skills in the technical aspects of the swing, translating those skills onto the ever-changing landscape that is the golf course, all while managing the mental game.

Very few facilities around the country offer high-level instruction in all the areas listed above… and TGI is one of them. Here you can develop a long-standing relationship with a coach who’s highest priority is getting you where you want to go in the game of golf.

Junior Academy

This is where it all started for Trevino Golf Institute. Over ten years ago, an idea was created to bring like-minded kids together with a common goal of higher level golf. Through a year-round competitive and educational environment, players improved at an unprecidented rate and dominated the local landscape of junior golf. The national average of high school golfers in this country obtaining a college golf scholarship at any level is only 5.9% for boys and 6.8% for girls… over 40% of Elite TGI Junior Academy  graduates have received a college scholarship over that last 15 years.

Trackman Technology

Trackman is the industry-leading Dual Radar analysis tool that is used by the best players and teaching professionals in the world. Trackman captures all the parameters that traditional launch monitors capture such as clubhead speed, attack angle, club path, and spin rate to name a few. The real beauty of Trackman technology is its ability to pinpoint the golfer’s true flaw and showcase movement patterns of the club. This radar technology allows for the most accurate diagnosis of why the ball does what it does. With the help of our expert instructors, Trackman will accelerate your improvement in the game of golf, saving you time and unwanted frustration.

Custom Fittings & Repairs

Here at Trevino Golf Institute we have the ability to provide an unmatched custom club fitting experience. Through our partnership with Taylormade Golf, we have the unique opportunity to provide a Tour-level fitting. With over 10 years of experience in this area and the most up-to-date technologies guiding the process, the client can rest assured that their golf clubs will lead towards lower scores and further enjoyment of the game.

In addition to custom fittings, we have an on-site club repair shop. In this shop we have the ability to re-shaft, re-grip, and perform loft and lie adjustments. We take pride in our fine craftsmanship and quicker turnaround times.


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